Thief Simulator Trainer (1.041)

Download Thief Simulator Trainer for game version 1.041 (PC / Steam). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Never-ending Money, Infinite Weight, No Police Alert, Mega Speed etc.

Thief Simulator – become a real thief. Steal things in areas completely open to research. Watch your target and gather information that will help with a robbery. Challenge the best security systems. Buy the latest equipment and learn new thieves tricks. Sell loot to buyers of stolen goods. Do everything that real thieves do!

Trainer +4 (v1.041) by MRANTIFUN


• F1 – UnDetected
• F2 – Never-ending Money
• F3 – Inlimited Skill Points
• F4 – No Police Alert

Trainer +7 (v1.025) by CH


• NumPad1: Enter Stealth Mode
• NumPad2: Change Cash By 500
• NumPad3: Change EXP By 50
• NumPad4: Change Level By 1
• NumPad5: Change Skill Points By 5
• NumPad6: Infinite Weight
• NumPad7: Mega Speed

Download Links:

MrAntiFun | CH

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