Thief Simulator: Cheat Engine Table (1.02)

Download Thief Simulator Cheat Engine Table for game version 1.02 (PC/Steam). This table from igromanru includes several cheats that will give you extra features and make your game easier. For example, Infinite Lockpicks, Infinite SP, Unlimited Weight and more!

Thief Simulator (2018) is a new simulator game from Noble Muffins in which players will take the role of a real thief. Steal things in completely open areas for research. Watch your target and collect information that will help you in the robbery. Challenge the best security systems. Buy the latest equipment and learn new thieving techniques. Sell the loot to the buyers of stolen goods. Do what makes the real thieves!

Cheat Engine Table +6 (v1.02+) by igromanru:


• Free Shop Items
• Maximum Skill Points / Free Skills Learning
• Infinite Weight
• Maximum Lockpick Durability
• Fast and Easy Lockpicking
• PlayerInventory Static Pointer

Trainer +4 (v14.11.2018) by MRANTIFUN


• F1 – UnDetected
• F2 – Never-ending Money
• F3 – Inlimited Skill Points
• F4 – No Police Alert

Trainer +7 (v1.025) by CH


• NumPad1: Enter Stealth Mode
• NumPad2: Change Cash By 500
• NumPad3: Change EXP By 50
• NumPad4: Change Level By 1
• NumPad5: Change Skill Points By 5
• NumPad6: Infinite Weight
• NumPad7: Mega Speed

Download Links:

igromanru | MRANTIFUN | CH

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