Sunset Overdrive Trainer (1.0)

Download Sunset Overdrive Trainer for game version 1.0 (PC / Steam / Windows Store). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Unlimited Health, Infinite Energy, Never-ending Ammo, Infinite XP etc.

Sunset Overdrive is a dynamic action from Insomniac Games in cartoon style, the action of which takes place in the city of the future, captured by mutants. To save himself from the fate of mutation, the hero has to use inhuman dexterity to move and a huge arsenal of weapons to destroy enemies.

In addition to the single-player mode, Sunset Overdrive has multiplayer for eight people. Items earned in multiplayer mode can be used in the campaign.

Trainer +4 (v1.0) by FUTUREX


=> HOME – Active Trainer
=> Numpad1 – Unlimited Health
=> Numpad2 – Never-ending Ammo
=> Numpad3 – Weapon: Mega Xp
=> Numpad4 – Limitless Money

Trainer +11 (v1.0) by Baracuda


=> Home: Activate Trainer
=> NUMPAD 0: Infinite Health
=> NUMPAD 1: Infinite Energy
=> NUMPAD 2: Infinite Ammo without reload
=> NUMPAD 3: Infinite Resources
=> NUMPAD 4: Reset all Resources to 100
=> NUMPAD 5: Stop timer
=> NUMPAD 6: Adds 2000 XP for killing
=> NUMPAD 7: Infinite XP

Download Links:

FUTUREX | Baracuda

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