Raft Trainer (Update 8)

Download Raft Trainer for game version Update 8 (PC / Steam). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Infinite Health, Never-ending Oxygen, No Fatigue, Easy Crafting etc.

Raft is an adventure sandbox with elements of survival and a first-person view. In the game you have to be on a small raft that slowly drifts across the expanses of the ocean. From the arsenal, you only have a hook and a rope, and sharks swim around in the hope of easy money. Fortunately for you, all kinds of garbage like boards, barrels and tools rush by. From all this, you can build a real floating fortress and repel ocean predators.

Trainer +5 (v7.00) by MRANTIFUN


• F1 – Infinite Health
• F2 – No Fatigue
• F3 – No Thirst
• F4 – No Hunger
• F5 – Easy Crafting

Trainer +8 (v1.07) by CH


• Numpad 1: Inifinite Health
• Numpad 2: No Hunger
• Numpad 3: No Thirst
• Numpad 4: Never-ending Oxygen
• Numpad 5: Easy Crafting
• Numpad 6: Infinite Tool Use
• Numpad 7: Easy Construction
• Numpad 8: Crafting Items Researched and Craftable

Download Links:

MrAntiFun | CH

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