My Time At Portia Trainer (10.0.118901)

Download My Time At Portia Trainer for game version 10.0.118901 (PC / Steam). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Unlimited Stamina, Infinite Money, Never-ending Skill Points, Freeze Daytime etc.

My Time At Portia is a life simulator in a colorful post-apocalyptic setting. There are few people left, and relics from the past can be found everywhere. You have to start your new life in a town on the edge of a civilization called Portia. Initially, you will have a workshop available at your disposal, where you can create objects that are useful to society from relics. Your ultimate goal is to build the largest workshop.

In the world of Portia, different characters live with their own behavior and unique story. They go to school, to work, play sports and just have fun. You will be able to make friends with them, or even romantic ones, which may end in marriage.

Trainer +6 (v10.0.118901) by MRANTIFUN


• F1 – Activate Trainer
• F2 – Infinite Health
• F3 – Unlimited SP
• F4 – Infinite Endurance
• F5 – Freeze Time
• F6 – Never-ending Coins
• F7 – Limitless Quick Bar Items

Trainer +13 (v2018.09.20) by FLING


• Numpad 1 – Infinite Health
• Numpad 2 – Unlimited Stamina
• Numpad 3 – Never-ending Endurance
• Numpad 4 – Mega Speed
• Numpad 5 – Super Jump
• Numpad 6 – Infinite Items (Quick Access Bar)
• Numpad 7 – Unlimited Money
• Numpad 8 – Infinite Experience
• Numpad 9 – Never-ending Skill Points
• Numpad 0 – Max Friendship
• Numpad . – Freeze Daytime
• Alt + 1/2/3/4 – 2/4/8/16x Money
• Alt + 5/6/7/8 – 2/4/8/16x Experience
• Home – Disable All

Download Links:

MrAntiFun | FLiNG

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