Frostpunk Trainer (1.3.2)

Download Frostpunk Trainer for game version 1.3.2 (PC / Steam / GOG). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Infinite Wood, Limitless Raw Food, Quick Research, Add Steam Core etc.

Frostpunk in a completely frozen world, people develop steam technology to somehow fight the cold. The community in its present form can no longer exist and must change to survive. But what does this change mean? What does culture mean when morality gets in the way of survival? In the end, survival can completely change humanity. Will it make it worse or better, will people become stronger or weaker, or perhaps part of what makes people people will be lost?

The game is based on management and strategy elements, but the focus is on complex decisions that the player has to make, not on optimizing production chains and managing resources.

Trainer +12 (v1.3.0) by MRANTIFUN


• F1 – Activate Trainer
• F2 – Never-ending Coal
• F3 – Infinite Wood
• F4 – Unlimited Steel
• F5 – Infinite Steam Cores
• F6 – Limitless Raw Food
• F7 – No generator stress
• F8 – Fast Research
• [x] – Set Coal
• [x] – Set Wood
• [x] – Set Steel
• [x] – Set Raw Food
• [x] – Set Steam Cores

Trainer +11 (v1.3) by FLING


• F1 – Add Coal
• F2 – Add Wood
• F3 – Add Steel
• F4 – Add Steam Core
• F5 – Add Raw Food
• F6 – Add Prosthetics
• F7 – Unlimited Storage Space
• F8 – Fast Building
• F9 – Quick Research
• F11 – New Laws No CD
• F12 – Energy Tower No Press.
• Home – Disable All

Download Links:

MrAntiFun | FLiNG

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