Factorio Trainer (0.16.51)

Download Factorio Trainer for game version 0.16.51 (PC / Steam). You can use cheats to get extra features in this game, for example Infinite Health, Easy Search, Quick Kill, Limitless Items etc.

Factorio is an indie simulator in which you have to build factories and monitor their work. Explore new technologies, extract resources, create infrastructure, automate the production process and much more. Also do not forget that the exploitation of land resources will lead to the fact that people will in every way interfere with your work, so get ready to defend your factory empire. In addition to the single-player mode, Factorio has an online game, a map editor, and even mod support.

Trainer +5 (v0.16.51) by MRANTIFUN


=> F1 – Active Trainer
=> F2 – Infinite Health
=> F3 – Quick Kill
=> F4 – Easy Search
=> F5 – Unlimited Durability
=> F6 – Limitless Items

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